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About Neurise

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My Mission
Provide people with the life-changing benefits of NeurOptimal® neurofeedback brain trainin

Thank you for taking the time to explore Neurise Brain Balance and

discover how it can benefit you, your family, and friends! I'm on a mission to:

I was getting the best sleep I had in years! No more insomnia or anxiety! I completed my training of 10 sessions, and the benefits have been long-lasting! Through my journey to find healing,  I ultimately learned that after experiencing a season of stress and adrenal fatigue years ago, my body got stuck in a "fight or flight" sympathetic nervous system response. Despite decreasing stress and prioritizing self-care, my sympathetic response persisted. Neurofeedback was able to break the sympathetic response patterns I was stuck in, and for the first time in seven years my nervous system could truly rest in the parasympathetic state. For me, neurofeedback was the missing piece of the puzzle to reclaim my health and wellbeing. Now I'm on a mission to share the benefits of neurofeedback with others! 

Since discovering the life-changing power of neurofeedback, I have become passionate about brain health. I strive to create awareness and education on the importance of holistic brain health. I am a life-long learner and continue to explore areas of study in neurofeedback, neuroplasticity, psychology, and more. I have always wanted to make a positive impact in the world, and I'm grateful to use neurofeedback as a way to serve others and relieve suffering. 

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you. I truly can't wait to discover what neurofeedback brain balancing can do for you!

-Jeanna Rice, Owner & Certified NeurOptimal® Brain Trainer

Jeanna Rice Certified NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Brain Trainer

Hello! I'm Jeanna Rice, founder and owner of Neurise Brain Training, and Certified

NeurOptimal® Brain Trainer. After seven years of seeking relief for insomnia and

anxiety from countless methods, and not making significant or long-lasting progress,

I decided to explore alternative options. After extensive research and experimentation,

I discovered neurofeedback and was astonished by the results. After only a few sessions

I could feel a noticeable difference in my mind and body. I felt calmer, more emotionally

resilient, patient, mentally sharp, motivated, and my brain fog was lifted. And best of all -

NeurOptimal® Certified Basic Trainer
About Me
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