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Teach your brain to increase desirable neural pathways & patterns,

so you can improve your brain's functioning and feel your best! 

About Neurofeedback

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Neurofeedback brain training optimizes your brain and nervous system by providing real-time information to your brain on its activity, allowing the brain to notice how it is functioning, and giving it the opportunity to make improvements.


Neurofeedback works by using EEG sensors applied to the scalp and ears to capture brain activity. The brain's activity is monitored and analyze though the neurofeedback software, and when the system detects sub-optimal shifts in the brain's activity, the system provides instant feedback to the brain, experienced as pauses in music. With this information, the brain becomes aware of undesirable activity, and naturally responds by self-correcting and restoring optimal balance and function. In a sense, the brain is breaking "bad habits" and creating new, healthy habits (patterns).


It's as if you're holding up a mirror to the brain, allowing it to become aware undesirable patterns.

The brain inherently responds by creating new, desirable pathways and patterns.   

At Neurise Brain Training, we are thrilled to offer the safest and most advanced form of neurofeedback to our clients: NeurOptimal®. NeurOptimal® is a non-clinical form of neurofeedback that does not require a diagnosis or brain map to get started.  It is a natural, non-invasive training tool that empowers the brain to develop healthier patterns of activity to improve how you think, feel, and function. 


NeurOptimal® is a natural, non-invasive system 

that meets your brain where its at, and all brains can benefit!


NeurOptimal®  has been approved by the FDA as a General Wellness Product - because it qualifies as a low risk product that promotes a healthy lifestyle. It is a dynamic system which constantly responds and adapts as the brain advances through the training - a personalized brain training system. Its holistic approach trains the whole brain and nervous system, so the brain can fluidly heal and transition to its own best version of operating. 

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