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Neurofeedback Timeline for Benefits

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With NeurOptimal® neurofeedback, your brain is learning a new habit - to break down undesirable patterns and create new, healthier patterns. These skills are strengthened and reinforced with each session, and integrated between sessions, so the brain actually remembers and continues this new way of operating long after completing neurofeedback - the benefits are long-lasting!


Neurofeedback is working to reverse the cumulative

effects that stress has had on your brain and body,

so a series of sessions is recommended to get the

most benefit. If given enough time, many people

report life-changing benefits!

Some people may experience positive shifts after

the first 1-3 sessions! It is most common however,

for people to experience noticeable benefits

between 5-10 sessions. For long-lasting change,

10-20 sessions is recommended. For more complex

conditions, more than 20 sessions may provide the

most benefit (consider the rental option for the

most convenient and economical choice).

Neurofeedback Packages

Neurofeedback is an investment in your health & wellness. Rather than a cost, which is simply money spent, Neurofeedback provides long-lasting benefits by repairing your brain/nervous system - which is the return on your investment. When you invest in yourself, you may find yourself to be mentally sharper and more productive, which could hep you achieve higher levels of success. You may experience improvements in your relationships since you're more calm, patient, and understanding. You may have more energy and feel motivated to reach new goals.

Neurofeedback improves your overall quality of life, so you can feel & function YOUR best!



  • Available to those new to NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback

  • Free 10-minute NeurOptimal® demo

  • ​Learn more about NeurOptimal® & discover if it's a good fit for you

  • Option to upgrade to full 33-minute session for benefits for $50



  • Neurise Office, in-home, or at your office*

  • Client intake forms / progress tracking

  • 33-Minute NeurOptimal® session 

  • In-person 10 Session Package available - $75/session -  $750

  • FSA/HSA May reimburse, depending on your plan



  • Up to 6 in-person sessions at Neurise Office, in-home, or at your office*

  • 2 Month minimum commitment

  • After 2 months no contract, month-to-month

  • Roll value of unused sessions into a 4-week rental

  • FSA/HSA May reimburse, depending on your plan



  • Rent a professional NeurOptimal® system for 4 weeks, start date of your choice

  • Most convenient and cost-effective option 

  • Unlimited sessions & users - share with family members and friends

  • Option to extend rental period week-by-week for $250/week

  • Discount for additional months

  • FSA/HSA May reimburse, depending on your plan

  • Shipping available within the U.S.



  • Purchase a professional NeurOptimal® system for long-term personal or professional use

  • 0% Financing available 

  • Professional use for Counselors, Therapists, Recovery Centers, Peak Performance, Executives

Your Neurofeedback Journey


During your first appointment we will discuss what you hope to get out of Neurofeedback, complete an intake survey, answer questions you may have, and then set you up for your first NeurOptimal® session, which is 33 minutes long. Read all about the session experience here

The intake survey outlines current symptoms and/or

conditions you're experiencing, which we will use as

a baseline as your starting point before Neurofeedback.

I will provide a personalized progress tracking sheet

that we will update throughout your Neurofeedback

journey to track your progress and celebrate your

positive shifts and changes. To the right is a real-life

example of my personal neurofeedback journey. You

can see that I experienced an increase in desirable 

patterns, like sleep and happiness, and a decrease in 

undesirable patterns like anxiety and brain fog!

If your first session is part of a rental package, I will teach you how to hook yourself up with the sensors and run the very intuitive NeurOptimal® system. I'm always available to answer any questions you have before, during, and after sessions!

Client-Directed Approach

YOU are the guide to your Neurofeedback journey, and you choose a quantity and frequency of sessions appropriate for you.

I am here to support you, answer questions, and encourage you! Since Neurofeedback is essentially teaching your brain a new habit, so repetition is great to reinforce and integrate the new habit. With that in mind, I recommended doing anywhere between 1-6 sessions each week for 1-2 months, until you are satisfied with the benefits. Again, what the brain learns in Neurofeedback training, it remembers - the benefits are long-lasting. After you are satisfied with the benefits you're experiencing, you do not need to continue doing sessions - unless you want an occasional refresher session, it never hurts! 

Are you ready to experience

all the benefits of Neurofeedback?

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