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NeurOptimal® Session Experience

Neurofeedback is like yoga for the brain - promoting mental strength, flexibility, and balance!

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A NeurOptimal® neurofeedback session is an enjoyable experience and requires no conscious effort on your part; it is the non-conscious part of the brain that is doing all the work!

EEG sensors will be placed on your head and ears. The sensors capture and relay your brain activity into the NeurOptimal® software. When the session starts, you will hear relaxing music play through headphones. Throughout the session, you will hear occasional “skips” or interruptions in the music. This is the feedback that allows your brain to recognize suboptimal patterns, and it naturally responds by optimizing itself.


The training lasts 33 minutes. While you listen to the music and give your brain a workout, you are welcome to relax, read, journal, watch a video, etc. For children, we have videos, toys, and books for them to enjoy!

Following a session, most people report feeling relaxed, focused, and calm. Some may feel energized, alert, and clear-headed. We like to describe the experience as feeling like yoga for the brain - building strength, flexibility, and balance! 

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